Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Knitting and an Icelandic Affair

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Selfish ... Moi?
This Christmas I am being selfish with respect to knitting for other people.  I am not knitting any presents…. I let that sink in….  I am still knitting and I am making an Icelandic jumper for a work colleague, but not for Christmas.

I found knitting for Christmas was extremely stressful.  People that received a knitted gift love it, but I found the 25th December deadline too stressful.  The number of years of spending 2 am on the 25th December finishing a gift, was not relaxing.

This year I have been making presents for people, such as scarves, jumpers and baby hoodies; so I feel happy that I have given enough knitted gifts this year.  Christmas is a stressful time of year.  Spending time with family in a concentrated time, trying to sort out Christmas Shopping, making mince pies, attending Christmas Parties and visiting relatives before Christmas day. I do not be ratty on Christmas morning, since I had 3 hours sleep sewing together a cuddly toy or finishing a hat.  

This has nothing to do with no one asking for a knitted item :-). 

What am I knitting? 

I am currently knitting an Icelandic Jumper. My Colleague Sven prior to going to Iceland, asked if I could knit a jumper for him.  He was initially joking. I was not.  Sven went to Iceland and bought enough wool for his jumper and a jumper for myself.  Unfortunately, Sven did not buy or was not given a pattern.  I found a wonderful site http://www.knittingpatterns.is/. This site you can design a custom Icelandic Jumper. You will need Silverlight and it may not work with Chrome. 

I have designed the following jumper using knitting patterns.is.  I have called it invaders of space.  Feel free to look and use it, but you may want to design your own to your custom dimensions. 


I had to rip back the pattern since I was working to the wrong dimensions. Oops. When you create your own jumper, please, please, please create a new project.  I was working to the default pattern, which I think is either a child or woman’s dimensions.  

I am working with the Icelandic wool lettlopi and it is a lot coarser than most of the wools. It is not as thick as aran wool, but slightly thicker than double knit. I think it is a worsted size. It is knitting up quite quickly. 

The issue is with my design, the Hazel Heather and Moor colours are dark and are very subtly different; therefore, I think the space invaders pattern will not be obvious. I will have to wait until it is finished to make a full judgement. 

This is the first Icelandic jumper that I have made and I am enjoying it, despite the rip-back. 

Please have a look at the http://www.knittingpatterns.is/ and see what creations you can make.